The South Carolina Supreme Court’s Changes to Civil Procedure Rules Directly Impact Family Court Litigants

Today’s (April 16, 2014) Shearouse Advance Sheets No. 15, the South Carolina Supreme Court amended portions of the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure that directly impact family court cases.  The Court ordered that Rules 11 and 77, SCRCP, are amended and 41.2, SCRCP is added as follows: Amendment to Rule 11(a), SCRCP: “…The written or electronic signature of an attorney [..]

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Be Careful When Using Technology To Gather Evidence

The world of technology changes at break neck speed.   Even Apple fans hardly have time to familiarize themselves with a new toy before another is introduced. The new technology is available even before contracts run on the previous models. Most people today are not as concerned about keeping up with the Jones’s as they are with keeping [..]

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Pending South Carolina Joint Custody Bill Needs Work, Says SC Chapter of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML)

The South Carolina Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers has issued a position statement regarding the pending joint custody bill, H. 4614, currently before the State Senate. This legislation would create significant changes in the way custody cases are decided in South Carolina, and in some respects would limit the Family Court’s ability to craft custody arrangements that fit [..]

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